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Water For Heart Health

The health benefits of water are almost immeasurable. I don’t think that can possibly be denied. We have already discussed the great things that H2O can do for your joints and the glow it will add to your skin. But, what about even more important parts such as your heart? Can water go as far as saving your life by keeping your heart healthy?

Studies say yes, it can.

Water is inordinately important when it comes to proper heart function. Not only in the prevention of heart disease but, even more so in the treatment. The fact is, the symptoms of coronary disease are exasperated by dehydration. Simply put, not drinking enough water makes your heart problems far more severe causing potentially fatal outcomes.


One of the most concerning symptoms of dehydration is a thickening of the blood. Thick blood is not a friend of an already weakened heart. By simply drinking a proper amount of H2O you can easily alleviate a bit of strain on the old ticker.

A study performed by the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2002 found that participants who drank more than 5 glasses of water per day had a dramatic decrease in their risk of fatal coronary disease. In fact, their risk decreased slightly more than 40% than those who drank an insufficient amount. Those are some pretty impressive numbers.

I know what you are thinking, maybe the same applies to all liquids. Sorry, there are no shortcuts, these results were only applicable to pure water. No soda, no juice, no sports drinks.  If you desire a little more flavor in your drink of choice…just add a little lemon!

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In addition to flavor, there are many great ways to increase your water consumption and keep your heart happy:

  • Have it on hand. If you have a TAP HYDRATOR HANDS-FREE BOTTLE FILLER in your home or office with fresh, cold water available at all times, you are far more likely to reach for another glass.
  • Use a water tracking app. These smart-systems are a great way to not only measure how much you have drunk but, set up reminders to drink more!
  • Drink hot tea. This lemon ginger tea recipe is a great place to start!
  • Need some fizz? Sparkling water is the perfect solution!
  • Set a goal.
  • Use a straw. Drinking with a straw tends to increase consumption (a reusable straw is always a great option to reduce waste).
  • Check in halfway through the day so that there is still time to drink plenty more if you have fallen short.

Cheers to heart health!

*Coronary heart disease is a serious issue and we are by no means indicating that it can be cured by drinking water. Studies indicate that it is in fact very helpful but, you should follow a doctor’s course of treatment and advice in conjunction with practicing this healthy habit.

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