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Voucher Program

Tap Water Company works with various organizations and venues throughout the country to ensure they have safe, great tasting drinking water. Every year, The Voucher Program helps schools, community organizations and small businesses obtain Hydration Stations through direct donations, discounts and fundraising events. Since 2016, The Voucher Program has placed thousands of Hydration Stations to members across the country.

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What our Members say

St. Amant High School was very fortunate to be a recipient of these bottle fillers. It allows us to promote a healthy lifestyle and recycling efforts that better supports our environment. We can encourage hydration and waste reduction to our students. In the time since we have installed these stations, we have saved thousands of plastic bottles from being used, that is displayed on the machine so it is a daily reminder of the benefits of our hydration stations

Beth Templet
Beth Templet Principal, St. Amant High School

We have loved having the water bottle fillers at Lincoln Charter School. The day that they were installed, the students were very excited to get to reduce our use of plastic bottles and start refilling their own. We have seen a huge decrease in the use of single use plastic bottles already and see the majority of our students bringing their own reusable water bottles that they refill each day. Thank you for these!

Jessica Kelly
Jessica Kelly High School Administrator, Lincoln Charter School

The installation of our new water bottle fillers has given our students the ability to refill reusable water bottles. Each student who chooses to refill their water bottle rather than using single-use plastic bottled water is helping to protect our environment. The initiative is also raising awareness to our students about sustainability and how even the smallest decisions or choices impact the future of our world.

Sister Patricia Roche
Beth Templet Principal, St. Amant High School