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The Safest Bottle Filler for All Ages

The TAP Bottle Filler combines the best of design and technology to provide the safest drinking water experience for all ages.

Tap Bottle Filler

The sleek, curved design ensures child safety from sharp corners and the Hands-Free Sensor eliminates the spreading of germs from hands and mouths.

The TAP Bottle Filler utilizes the most advanced technologies in activated carbon filtration and UV water treatment to eliminate contaminants and bacteria to ensure the safest, best tasting drinking water on the planet.


With endless hands touching the buttons on water fountains – germs and bacteria can spread very rapidly

Hands | Girl touching a water fountain and making a disgusted face when doing so


Water fountain spigots contain the most bacteria in schools – averaging 2.7 million per square inch.

Young kid drinking water from water fountain and putting his mouth on the spigot

Sharp Corners

Many drinking fountains contain sharp corners that can result in accidents and injuries to children.

Sharp Corners | Finger cut


Tap water can contain many dangerous contaminants if not properly filtered.

Contaminants | Water Faucet with droplet of water

Coronaviruses & Bacteria

Drinking water can contain a whole host of different bacteria that can lead to severe sickness and disease.

Coronavirus microscope view