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Tap Hydrator

Tap Hydrator

(165 customer reviews)


It’s sleek design is hands-free, easy to use and reduces single-use plastic bottles from the environment.

  • Removes PFAS
    The patented filtration technology removes PFAS from drinking water
  • Hands Free Sensor
    The touch-free, sensor activated bottle filler is designed for easy use.
  • Plastic Bottles Saved
    The counter informs user how many 20 oz plastic bottles have been saved.
  • Advanced Ultra Filtration
    The filter is used to block contaminants and ensure great tasting water.


TAP Hydrator – Hydration Station

The Tap Hydrator is a durable, surface-mounted, touch-free hydration station that provides an ideal hydration solution for the places you live, work, study, and stay. You can find Tap Hydrator Bottle Fillers ins K-12 schools, universities, offices, hotels and fitness centers across the US

Extreme Hydration

The Tap Hydrator provides the world’s cleanest, best-tasting drinking water. It utilizes a technologically advanced ultra filter encased in a surgical-grade stainless steel frame. The Hydrator is built for speed and will ensure you stay hydrated to the max!

Ultimate Filtration

The Tap Hydrator Bottle Filling Station includes a robust ultrafilter that filters out some of the most intense contaminants, heavy metals and pollutants known to man.

Intense Durability

The Tap Hydrator uses best-in-class materials. The unit includes surgical-grade stainless steel, touch-free activation and best-in-class filtration technologies all protected by a robust steel frame.

Super Sleek Design

The low-profile design takes up less space and fits in more places. The minimal size of the unit gives you more options on places to utilize your hydration station.

Designed for Kids

The Tap Hydrator is designed for child safety. The patented water drop curved shape prevents children from injuring themselves on sharp corners.

Impact Tracker

The Tap Tracker App enables users to track the total number of plastic bottles saved across your entire organization. Put it to the test and begin minimizing your footprint while you save money on bottled water.

Hassle-Free Installation

The Tap Hydrator can be installed in less than 30 minutes. Simply connect the Hydrator to a water inlet and an electrical outlet and you’re off to the races!

165 reviews for Tap Hydrator

  1. Sherry J.

    Wow!!! Thank you so much. We have been waiting for the end of school year sale so we could purchase new water bottle fillers.

  2. Mindy S.


  3. John B.

    These are by far the best water bottle filling stations! Happy to be adding another 12 to our district.

  4. Todd Harms

    I was only able to place an order for 5. Is there a limit?

  5. Joanna M.

    Since Covid, we only install these Bottle Fillers to avoid all of the hands and mouth contact with the regular drinking fountains. Our students absolutely love them and will be thrilled when they come back in August!

  6. Becky S.

    I was just about to order 10 at the regular price.

    Now we will have enough funds to replace 20 old fountains!!

  7. Courtney D.

    Love these!

  8. Ryan S.

    These water bottle fillers are great replacements for the bubblers and are a piece of cake to install

  9. Tara B.

    Just got it installed and I’ve already saved 20 plastic bottles myself

  10. Nathalya C.

    I really like that they do not stick out from the wall very far and do not take up too much space. We will be replacing all of our Elkay fountains with TAP Hydrators eventually. The school sale really helped get us started.

  11. Dave J.

    They fit perfectly and were an easy install for Jacob

  12. Angie M

    Will be installing over the summer. Do they come with built in filters or do we need to order those separate?

  13. Tori H.

    Loving the new design!

  14. Tom R.

    Easy install and they are working just fine so far

  15. Jeremy R.

    Huge upgrade!

  16. Tabitha R.

    Works great in our gymnasium. Zero splashing! We had an issue with the last water fountain leaving water on the gym floor that often caused slips and falls.

  17. Janice D.

    So happy we went with the Tap Hydrator. It looks great in our office and we have already saved 271 bottles in a week!

  18. Barry S.

    Best option on the market. Top in features that we needed at a mid-range price.

  19. Tamra B.

    Beautiful new design.

  20. Bonnie R.

    Just got our new water stations installed today. They go great in our office.

  21. Yanna K.

    Finally made the move and replaced all of our old crusty drinking fountains with Tap Hydrators. Major upgrade. Highly recommend this brand. They look way nicer and work like a charm.

  22. Darlene G.

    This is a perfect solution for schools looking to promote sustainability to their students. The bottle filler is perfect for our students to fill up their reusable water bottles and reduces the need for disposable cups and or plastic water bottles.

  23. Bubba N.

    Great Product. Easy Install. Will order again.

  24. Patricia W.

    My students love this fountain. They are filling up their water bottles constantly. It is helping them to drink more water and helping to decrease waste from plastic water bottles.

  25. Betty L.

    The new tap hydrator is awesome! We finally got them installed and they work great so far. Our office staff loves the idea of getting rid of single use plastic bottles and monitoring our impact on saving the environment.

  26. Jerry B.

    Easy install. Alot smaller than the last one.

  27. Blake C.

    Great addition to our shop and will reduce wasted water bottles.

  28. Arica P.

    Great product and great deal , these new bottle fillers will serve our students well

  29. Tonya H.

    Very impressed. They work great and look great! Big upgrade from the old crusty fountains we had. Nobody would ever use them because they looked old and run down. These look clean, modern and so far do a great job! Can not save enough how happy we are with this purchase. Highly recommend.

  30. Bruce T.

    As expected from the marketing materials and specs. Easy install. Should be a lot easier to change the filters and regular maintenance on these than the last ones.

  31. Nimesh P.

    Loved the new Tap Hydrators.

  32. Dawn T.

    Our members really enjoy the new Hydrators.

  33. Clyde R.

    These water stations take up WAAAAAY less space and look way better than the old clunkers we had before. Major upgrade!

  34. Benton B

    I was a bit skeptical when we decided to move away from Elkay since we have used them forever. It has only been a few days and I’m already glad we made the move. These bottle fillers have far less moving parts that always seemed to break. The installation was simple and only took 20 minutes. I don’t know why Elkay uses all of those unneeded parts in their designs. As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t needed. These bottle fillers boil down all of the needed parts into a small, simple design that works great, makes less noise and best of all is easy.

  35. Dave B.

    Very sturdy. Appears to be a great product. We will be installing it during our summer break.

  36. Taryn N

    Love the water drop shape. These bottle fillers are very slim and modern. They do not take up hardly any space in our hallways. We are already up to 359 plastic bottles saved!!

  37. Jarrod A.

    We purchased one Tap Hydrator to test out how easy it would be to install and make sure that they worked as advertised.

    After installing it, my facilities director has asked to replace all of the remaining water fountains with Hydrators.

    Is there a discount I can get for making a bulk order?

  38. Becky S.

    I ordered these because they are supposed to be much safer than the large water stations that children have to use their hands and mouths to access water. We also didn’t want to sink more money into retrofits just to have to replace the whole thing again soon.

    So glad we did. These slim bottle fillers not only look great in our hallways but they do not stick out causing a hazard for students to ram into. I would give the Hydrator 10 stars if I could.

    Also, I had to make an order change and Savannah was very accommodating. Thank you!

  39. Stephanie A.

    The Tap Hydrator works great!! I will be purchasing more soon.

  40. Heather M

    Unit was exactly as i ordered. Prompt shipping and fit perfect! Highly recommend!!

  41. Adriana Y.

    Absolutely love the new Hydrators. They are a great addition to the office.

  42. Jen R.

    The hydrator stations are so much more compact and take up a fraction of the space than the fountain/coolers that they replaced. Happy we made the transition.

  43. Greg S.

    Awesome machine, easy install. Fills bottles quickly.

  44. Chad G.

    The TAP Hydrators are a huge improvement from constantly having to buy cases of bottled water for staff. They will save us a ton of money and we will save a ton of plastic bottles! Thats a win win in my book.

  45. Selma B

    We love our new Tap Hydrators!!!

  46. Amanda G.

    The Hydrators are great! Our clients love them. We had to replace our water fountains that were shut down due to Covid.

  47. Angela W.

    The Tap Hydrator works great in my yoga studio. We needed a smaller unit that didn’t take up too much space. This worked out perfect!

  48. Bucky B.

    Our hotels are required to have water stations installed by September. Happy we found the Tap Hydrator. They were very accommodating and helped us find a licensed installation technician to come out and do the installs.

  49. Alexis N.

    The water station market is segmented between old Elkay fountains and new Bevi style overpriced carbonated water stations.

    The Tap Hydrator is the perfect balance of new, modern with a fair price.

  50. Terri B.

    In the process of replacing drinking fountains and bubblers with Tap Hydrators across the district. Install has been quick and easy.

  51. Michael S.

    Great little machines and the water is exceptional.

  52. John A.

    Happy with our new Tap Hydrators. Easy install and set up.

  53. Rebecca K.

    Great product, easy install. TWC answered all of my questions. Would order the TAP Hydrators again.

  54. Jenna B.

    The TAP Hydrator works as advertised. Our water was contaminated with heavy metals and lead. After installing the TAP Hydrator the water tastes far better and lab results show that there are no detectable contaminants anymore!

  55. Reza T.

    We installed the TAP Hydrators last week. They were quick and easy to install as instructed. I would like to order more replacement filters. Please contact me.

  56. Kaz M.

    Very happy with the new TAP Hydrators. Much easier to install than the drinking fountains and retrofits that they replaced. They look and work great so far.

  57. Byron N.

    The TAP Hydrators are up and running. I was pleasantly surprised with how strong and durable the base is considering its much smaller and lighter than traditional water fountains. It’s built like a rock.

    These fillers will hold up much better in our schools as kids always find a way to break everything!

  58. Perry T.

    Awesome new refillable water stations!

  59. Sean M.

    Very happy with our new bottle fillers from Tap. They are much easier and more cost effective than purchasing bottled water every month and look far better than the traditional drinking fountains on the market. We love them! Looking forward to purchasing more and replacing all of the fountains with Tap bottle fillers.

  60. Jessica N.

    TAP Hydrators for the win! Seriously the best investment we’ve made to our office. Everyone loves the new Hydrators. They not only look far better, they are touchless and much safer than the drinking fountains.

  61. Bianca P.

    Absolutely love the new low-profile water drop design. It really stands out and guests immediately know what it is. It get’s used NONSTOP!

  62. Sarah N

    Love our new TAP Hydrators!!!

  63. Sam P.

    Great product! Love the new design and install was a breeze.

  64. Sharon B.

    We had some issues with our local drinking water. We installed the TAP Hydrator Hydration Stations. Now our water tastes great! We connected the new UF Filter and tested the water using a local laboratory. It came out MUCH better than before.

  65. Rob T.

    Just installed the new TAP Hydrators. Happy to have them up and running before the students come back next week. So far they work perfectly fine and look nice. Much easier to install than the fountains they replaced. Happy to get rid of those.

  66. Rosana R.

    Loving our new TAP Hydrators! The water tastes crisp and clean.

  67. Uri P.

    Clients requested the Tap Hydrator for their offices. It is much quicker to install and fix than the large bulky fountains. Definitely an upgrade.

  68. Paul M.

    Great new design! Fits right right on the wall and opens up a lot of floor space. We needed to replace an older drinking fountain and wanted to be able to open up enough space for a bottle filler and an ice maker. Worked out perfectly.

  69. Mary F.

    Wonderful new hydration stations. Our students absolutely love them! Excited to begin working with Tap Water Company.

  70. Stacie R.

    Great tasting water! We love the new TAP Hydrators. Well worth the wait to get these in our office.

  71. Sherri S.

    If you are lucky enough to find these TAP Hydrators in stock – I highly recommend!

  72. Sam P.

    Purchased 14 Tap Hydrators for our 7 hotels. They work great in our lobby and breakfast lounge. They really look nice.

  73. Bryce R.

    Love the new hydration stations from TAP. We replaced our water dispensers and were finally able to scrap the weekly deliveries of water. This will save us over $1500/year in delivery costs.

  74. Elizabeth K.

    The TAP Hydrators have kept our students hydrated all summer! They are a hit.

  75. Nate J.

    Love our Tap Hydrators. Will be ordering more soon!

  76. Becky L.

    Really like the new size and shape of the Tap Hydrators. They easily fit into our small office kitchen.

  77. Yvette S.

    It’s been a pleasure working with TAP. They have awesome customer service and answered all of my questions. Looking forward to getting our new Hydration Stations!!

  78. Terri B.

    We spent the summer doing lead testing in all of our facilities. Turns out that 17 of 48 water fountains contained elevated levels of lead.

    We are now in the process of replacing 17 fountains with TAP Hydrators.

    After our research, the TAP Hydrators was the best option because of it’s superior safety record and filtration capabilities.

  79. Colleen H.

    Very excited to start the new school year off with TAP Hydrators! We were able to raise money through our school board to replace 7 aging drinking fountains with new tap hydration stations.

  80. Tom R.

    No brainer. These are the best water stations available. I just wish there were more in stock. Why do you have a limit of 10?

  81. Alyssa F.

    Tap helped us replace 17 drinking fountains with new Hydrators. They work great and look much better. The students are thrilled. We will be using the new Tap Tracker to monitor our plastic bottles saved as a District. How cool!!

  82. Grendardo A.

    The TAP hydrators are a quick and easy install. We really like the new models. They filter the water extremely well.

  83. Chris R.

    Tap Water Company was extremely helpful in advising us on upgrading our drinking fountains to Tap Hydrators. They look and work wonderfully. We will be upgrading all of our drinking fountains throughout the district with TAP Hydrators moving forward.

  84. Thomas C.

    We just made the switch to TAP Hydrators in our office. We LOVE them! The water is delicious and we are excited to begin monitoring our sustainability efforts as that is a very important initiative for our company moving forward.

  85. Tito O.

    The TAP Hydrators are perfect for our office. We replaced 5 drinking fountains with the TAP Hydrator Water Stations. They are working wonderfully and look really nice too.

  86. Lisa F.

    I’d like to leave a review for the new TAP water stations. We received them in the mail and they were installed on the same afternoon. According to my maintenance director Mario, they were much faster and easier to install than the old school drinking water fountains.

    We are very pleased with the upgrade and will be purchasing more TAP water stations in the future.

  87. Sally S.

    We are thrilled to have the new TAP Hydrators in our schools! The students are all jazzed about tabulating all of the plastic we’re saving from the environment.

  88. Kristi M.

    We’ve got them installed!! They look great and are working as expected. This time of year is extra hot in the school so they are getting used nonstop! So far they’ve passed the test :))

  89. Ben G.

    These new water stations live up to the hype. Firstly, they are made of stainless steel and are very durable for schools. Secondly, they are a lot smaller than the traditional drinking fountains that take up way too much space for their function. TAP has really figured this product out and optimized it for schools.

  90. Tania P.

    Awesome Hydrators for our hotels! High quality product. We love them.

  91. Stacey L.

    I purchased and had the TAP Hydrators installed in our schools. They are high quality and look very nice in our buildings. I highly recommend any school to upgrade from the 1950 era old, gross drinking fountains. Ours were getting very crusty. Lol

  92. Janna R.

    The best water dispensers we’ve ever had. We will be monitoring our sustainability score across the entire school district. Excited to show how many plastic bottles we save every school year!

  93. Tim P.

    Students love the new Tap Hydrators. They look nice and are far nicer than the fountains they replaced. Happy with the upgrade and will be purchasing more this year.

  94. Nijla R.

    Happy that we were able to get 17 Hydrators to replace all of our old drinking fountains! They look awesome and the students will be monitoring all of the plastic bottles saved as an Earth Day project.

  95. Lisa F.

    Tap Water Company helped us replace our water coolers with new Tap Hydration Stations. They did a wonderful job!

  96. Tabby J.

    Thrilled with our new TAP Hydrator Stations. They are much smaller and far better filters than drinking fountains. You can tell the quality of the materials used is much superior.

  97. Dusty R.

    You will not find a better water dispenser on the market today. The materials used are smarter and stronger than anything else on the market. Trust me, I’VE LOOKED!!

  98. Sherri K.

    We just installed the TAP Hydrators over the weekend. Major upgrade for us. They take up a lot less space and are way less messy. Students are pumped to begin the water bottle saving app.

  99. Yuri K.

    Installed the TAP Hydrators in our office. We have already saved over 2500 water bottles, which equates to about $5000. They have already paid for themselves.

  100. Mike W.

    Awesome product. Way smaller and stronger than the old school water fountains we’ve used in the past. Will be purchasing all of our water bottle filling stations from TAP from now on.

  101. Gia M.

    The BEST tasting drinking water! The Ultra Filter not only makes the drinking water a lot safer to drink it also tastes way better than other water fountains and bottled water.

  102. Lisa H.

    We have had the traditional Elkay water fountains for the last 50 years. Finally, a new product that isn’t so old and grungy looking. The TAP Hydrators are much smaller and easier to fit in tighter quarters. They look a lot better too.

  103. P. Patel

    Hooooray!! We finally got our new TAP Hydration Stations installed and running. It was such an easy process! We just ordered online and had them delivered and installed within a few days. Will definitely be ordering more for the rest of our hotels.

  104. Mary S

    We have been looking for new refillable water stations since we tested for lead and copper last year. A few of our older drinking fountains came back with higher levels than we would have liked. This came as no surprise because a lot of these fountains are 30+ years old and were manufactured before the new lead and copper regulations.

    We considered purchasing the same Elkay model as we had before. Really glad that we didn’t. The TAP Hydrators are a much better product. They are much smaller, stronger, better looking and have much better filtration technologies than the 1950s style drinking fountains we had before. I was drinking from the exact same fountains back when I was a child! Lol

  105. Parham P.

    We installed the Tap Hydrator Hydration Stations in our hotels a few months ago. They have been a hit with both our guests and staff. We love that they keep everyone happy and hydrated!

  106. Jewel H.

    Wonderful product. Very pleased.

  107. Bernie T.

    I have installed over 200 water fountains in my career. I will say these are the easiest ones of the bunch to install and swap out filters. Someone really thought about the design. Two thumbs up.

  108. Susan N.

    The best drinking water!! Just ordered 4 more for the Elementary School.

  109. Sherri K.

    The best water bottle filling stations available. These things are seriously built like a rock. We installed 7 and love them.

  110. Andrew B.

    Is exactly what we were looking for. Works perfect!

  111. Reema L.

    Just installed 4 new Hydration Stations in our hotel. We are in the process of removing all single-use-plastic from our hotel operations.

    The TAP Hydrators work great in our lobby, breakfast area, gym and pool. We will be adding a new Hydrator to all of the suites soon.

  112. Jamie G.

    Completely upgraded all of our drinking fountains. The water quality and the overall quality of our school is much improved. Luckily, we had renovations planned which gave us the opportunity to upgrade our fountains which we had been putting off for way to long! Glad to have finally made the move. Such a HUGE improvement.

  113. Butch P.

    Highly recommend the TAP Hydrator Hydration Stations. They came quick and were easy to install. Much better than the existing drinking fountains.

  114. Kelly R.

    Wow! Love our new Hydrators!

  115. Zaira R.

    When it came time to replace our drinking fountains with Hydration Stations we did some research and luckily found TAP. These little stations pack a serious punch and are far superior to the Elkay products. I tested our water before and after and the TAP Filtration System removed 100% of the unwanted contaminants in the water. Very pleased with this purchase :)))

  116. Johanna S.

    The TAP Hydration Stations are perfect for our hotels. They are much smaller than the old school drinking fountains and nobody drank from those anyway. These are the next generation in water dispensers and they are a hit!!

  117. Griselda M.

    Best customer service!! Accidentally ordered the wrong number of Hydrators and Eliana quickly remedied the problem and sent out the additional Hydration Stations the same day. Thank you – Much appreciated!

  118. Dave W.

    I installed this units a few days ago. I had to remove the previous drinking water fountains so I had to make a couple mods to the wall but the install was very quick and easy. Cool little units. They work great and look nice in the building.

  119. Basti E

    Really nice addition to our office. We love the filtered drinking water and being able to track how many plastic bottles we save each month.

  120. Mary S.

    The TAP Hydrators will replace all of our drinking fountains. The state laboratory tested all of our drinking fountains and many came back with elevated levels of lead. So happy to replace them with new Hydration Stations.

  121. Tony R.

    Love the new design. Very easy to install and replace filters.

  122. Dhruv P.

    Easy to use new Hydration Stations for the Hotels. Work great and take up minimal space. Thank you.

  123. Troy W.

    Easiest install of any refillable water station. Much better than the big Elkay units with a spout that gets water everywhere. They look great and I’m happy with the purchase. Will be purchasing more soon.

  124. Jane P.

    The TAP Hydrators are an awesome addition to our school. We are thrilled to finally replace the drinking fountains that have been here for 50 years and were gross!!

  125. Ahmad M.

    The TAP Hydrators are perfect for our lobby and guest services area. We love tracking the number of plastic bottles we save each day.

  126. Heather L.

    These Hydration Stations work perfectly for us. We had them installed to replace the drinking fountains and have noticed the students and staff are drinking MUCH more water. Proper hydration is a huge benefit to schools as students are more likely to behave and learn when properly hydrated.

  127. Veronica M.

    Wonderful addition to our office!

    It was much easier to install than I was expecting. I planned to get it started but assumed I would end up calling the plumber. 30 minutes later it was all set up and dispensing water!

    I should be getting paid as the Office Manager + Office Plumber. Lol

  128. Wendy B.

    We recently received a $100 off Bottle Fillers! We ended up purchasing 7 units as we have badly needed to upgrade from the older style drinking fountains. Thanks TAP!!

  129. Raj P.

    I installed 4 TAP Hydrators a few months back. I have gotten a lot of compliments on them from guests. They look really nice and work well too. I just purchased 2 more!

  130. Tara R.

    Great product and customer service!

  131. Jessica K

    By far the best Refillable Water Stations on the market. We have recently outfitted our entire district with new Tap Hydrators. Love them.

  132. Bill P.

    The Tap Hydrator fits well in our office kitchen. Takes up far less space than the drinking fountain it replaced.

  133. Fred D.

    Installed 4 Tap Hydrators in 2 of the hotels. Easy install and seems to be working great.

  134. Mariana E.

    Our school was lucky enough to receive a $250 voucher off Tap Hydrators from the Voucher Program. We decided to replace 7 Elkay drinking fountains that had been around since the 70s. It was time!! We are extremely happy with the upgrade and fortunate to have received the discount!!

  135. Beverly W.

    We just completed the summer task of replacing all of our drinking fountains with tap hydrators. So happy to have it all complete. They look absolutely wonderful and we are ready for the kids to come back in the Fall!

  136. Priyanka P.

    Just purchased 2 Hydrators for hotel lobby & break room. Eliana was very helpful answering all of my questions and making sure it was the right fit for us. Install only took about 45 minutes for both units and was easier than expected. The water is purified and tastes very good.

  137. Bobby R.

    Great new addition to our hallways! Far easier to install and maintain than the old Elkay units.

  138. Terry B.

    Highly recommend!

  139. Thomas S.

    We replaced all of the drinking fountains in our gyms, locker rooms and weight rooms with tap hydrators this summer. They look great and have been getting used a lot more by the students.

  140. Ted L.

    Tap Hydrators work great in our gym locker rooms and hallways because they take up less space and look great.

  141. Nate D.

    We have successfully installed the Tap Hydrator Hydration Stations. They have been used a lot this summer and everyone seems to really enjoy the purified drinking water.

  142. Tara M.

    We love our Tap Hydrators!!! We received a $100 voucher off all 10 new Hydrators. Wonderful deal on a great product.

  143. Blanche E.

    By far the best bottle fillers. Easy to install and filtered drinking water.

  144. Tatiana S

    The Hydrators have been installed and work very well. The students and staff are drinking more water because it tastes great!

  145. Michael P.

    Wonderful product. We are happy with the upgrade from the drinking fountains we had installed before.

  146. John B.

    Installed Tap Hydrators throughout the school district. All were installed within 30 minutes and are working great. I recommend this product. Major upgrade from the previous drinking fountains.

  147. Saul Gibson

    Saul Gibson

  148. Jennifer W.

    Just used our 4 vouchers and got $400 off Tap Hydrators! They work great and are a major upgrade for our school.

  149. Bud W.

    Great product. Easy Install!

  150. Joanne S.

    We really needed to update our drinking fountains. Lucked out and got grant and discount vouchers. The Hydrators fit perfectly in the spaces and actually freed up a lot of room in the hallways. Very blessed and thankful for the help.

  151. Ivanna G

    the best bottle fillers for our hotel. we replaced all of the drinking fountains with hydrators. they look very nice and the water tastes delicious. we did our research and the hydrators were the best product at the best price.

  152. Betsy W.

    Wonderful addition to our break room. No more plastic bottles.

  153. Becky W.

    We recently received discount vouchers that enabled us to finally replace some old drinking fountains. The school hallways look much better and the students love them!

  154. Tanya R.

    The School Program helped us replace some ancient drinking fountains. The students are so much happier to have new bottle fillers. We have already saved over 2000 plastic bottles from the landfill.

  155. Evelyn M.

    We were able to replace 15 old drinking fountains with 15 new tap hydrators with the help of 10 vouchers. They work great and look very nice.

  156. Sandy B.

    Great addition to our office

  157. Jerry B.

    The Tap Hydrator has replaced all of our drinking fountains throughout the district. They are way quicker to install, maintain, switch filters and really do take up a lot less space. Having the Hydrators have already saved my team a lot of time on repairs and maintenance issues.

  158. Janice B.

    Love the Hydrators. Easy hookup. Best water stations. Happy customer!

  159. John S.

    Absolutely incredible! Major upgrade from drinking fountains.

  160. Brett N.

    We will replacing all of our drinking fountains with Tap Hydrators this summer. I ordered 1 to begin with to install and test out. It was very easy to install and saves so much space in our tight space hallways. Excited to get them all in.

  161. Jack N.

    Easy hookup. Took about 20 minutes. Water tastes great. Customers love it.

  162. Esmeralda R.

    Wonderful water system. We love the new Tap Hydrators in our school. They work great and the students love the water and saving plastic bottles from landfills!

  163. Gerald S.

    The Tap Hydrators have been installed in our fitness centers. The water tastes great and the units work well.

  164. Becka K.

    Thrilled to have installed the Tap Hydrator in our office. The water tastes so much better!!

  165. Sierra B.

    Tap Hydrators took our hydration game to the next level! Since we installed 7 Hydrators, we have drank over 10,000 bottles of water and saved 10,000 single-use plastic water bottles from landfills!

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The low-profile design fits in more places and takes up less space

The advanced ultra filter purifies better and lasts longer

A surgical grade stainless steel frame guarantees ultimate durability

Touch-free activation ensures a germ-free experience every time

When Form

Meets Function

Child Safe Design

The curved, corner-free design helps prevent accidents and is safe for all ages.

Touch Free Activation

The touch-free activation enables safe hydration without picking up germs.

Removes PFAS

The patented filtration technology removes PFAS from drinking water

Tap Hydrator

Sleek Design

The low-profile design fits in more places and takes up less space.

Plastic Bottles Saved

The counter informs users how many 20 oz plastic bottles have been saved.

Stainless Steel Frame

The surgical grade stainless steel frame guarantees ultimate durability.

Track your environmental impact

Showcase the number of plastic bottles you've saved across the organization