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Daycares using City Water

The only water source within your daycare that can be trusted, is one that has recently been tested. Although your city is required to test water fairly regularly for corrosiveness and lead levels, the levels of lead reported will be different at each location because the water flows through a different path in the distribution system. It is not simply one level of lead for the entire city. Daycares built before 1986 have the highest risk.

With mounting pressure on daycares to test for lead in drinking water and limited guidance, the process can seem overwhelming. By bringing together water professionals and certified laboratories, we provide daycares with a full-service lead in water testing solution from mailing out water testing kits to analysis making the process easy as possible.

How Lead Gets into Your Daycares Tap Water

Lead found in daycares drinking water leaches from the distribution system (lead service lines, plumbing, solder and fixtures). When water travels through lead pipes and fixtures, it picks up lead that is later ingested by children. It is important to understand that lead levels will vary greatly from water source to water source within the same daycare. That is why it is so important to test each of your water sources.


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First, you’ll need to determine how many water sources (fountains, sinks) in your daycare. Once you identify your water sources, simply order that # of water testing kits to receive in the mail.


Water Testing

Upon receipt of your test kits, simply follow the instructions to take your water samples and mail them back to the laboratory for certified analysis.



If your test results show elevated levels of lead, one of our water professionals will work with you to determine the appropriate solution to ensure your drinking water is lead-free.

About us:

Tap Water Watch brings peace of mind back to the Tap. We are the only nationwide team of water professionals that focuses on detecting lead in drinking water, enabling customers to visualize their data and remediate any issues. Water samples are analyzed in a state and/or NELAC certified water testing laboratory. Tap Water Watch works hand-in-hand with utilities, schools and homeowners to ensure safe, lead-free drinking water.